LETS Academy provides talent for real business: developing new talent into your business through Traineeships and bespoke Academy’s and Apprenticeships to realise the skills and potential of your workforce.

We work with employers, large and small to develop existing, new and emerging talent to realise their potential.
LETS academy are passionate about creating quality work-based learning and training that makes a difference to your workforce and the career prospects of your people.
We deliver tailored programmes to attract new talent, develop the skills of existing staff and enable progression.
Training people well enough so they can leave, give them progression routes so they want to stay!


Gain the competitive edge and build your future career with Traineeships – you get what you need for the world of work: work preparation training, maths and English support, experience and a reference. It’s right on the money.
Traineeships prepare you for your future career by helping you to become ‘work ready’, providing the essential work experience, work skills, maths and English needed to get an Apprenticeship or other sustainable work. Traineeships are a stepping stone to an Apprenticeship and help you discover your hidden talent.

Earn while you learn

Traineeships with LETS Academy provide you with incentive £200 voucher if you get a job by the end of course plus support with travel costs and a recommend-a-friend scheme, so you can start earning straight away.

What can I learn?

A focused period of work preparation training, covering areas like CV writing, interview preparation, on-the-job experience, job search and inter-personal skills. English and maths skills are also developed as these are seen as crucial employability skills. A high quality traineeship with a local business gives you meaningful work experience, workplace skills, and a guaranteed interview at the end.

Traineeships can be completed in a number of industries including, customer service, Retail, Food skills, business administration, I.T. & computing and many more. Your Traineeship can also be a stepping stone to an apprenticeship.

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